Development of a non-invasive diagnostic test for dual detection of fetal aneuploidy and metal sex in the pregnant mare.

Dr Anne Kahler

BCET Clinical Research

Attention Bias Response Testing. Development and Testing of the Methodology in Horses

Jessica Wilcox, University of Glasgow

BCET Summer Scholarship 2022

Biosecurity on Thoroughbred Racing and Training Premises in the UK

Alice Webb, The University of Liverpool

BCET Summer Scholarship 2022

The Characterisation of Equine Synovial Fluid Derived Extracellular Vesicles from Young and Old Horses

Alice Addis, The University of Liverpool

BCET Summer Scholarship 2021

Genetic diversity and geographic distribution of Theileria equine: Croatia, a European case study

Martine McCann, University of Glasgow

BCET Summer Scholarship 2021

Heart rate variability and arrhythmias in Thoroughbred racehorses undergoing treadmill exercise and recovery.

William Sage, University of Bristol

BCET Summer Scholarship 2021

Do Fissures Influence Bone Porosity in the Distal Metacarpus of the Thoroughbred Racehorse? A Feasibility Study

Rachel Macleod, The University of Edinburgh

BCET Summer Scholarship 2021

Surveying Midge and Mosquito Populations

Elizabeth Chapman, Nottingham University

BCET Summer Scholarship 2019

Prevention of cellular senescence by Metformin in horse tenocytes

Maxim Bembinov, Royal Veterinary College

BCET Summer Scholarship 2019, winner of the BCET prize 2019