Surveying Midge and Mosquito Populations

Elizabeth Chapman, Nottingham University

BCET Summer Scholarship 2019

Prevention of cellular senescence by Metformin in horse tenocytes

Maxim Bembinov, Royal Veterinary College

BCET Summer Scholarship 2019, winner of the BCET prize 2019

Can Dopaminergic tone be measured indirectly to assess the welfare of Thoroughbreds

Kate Dakin, University of Bristol

BCET Summer Scholarship 2019

Thoroughbred Health Network Impact Assessment & Variations in going as injury risk factors in UK throughbred racehorses

Hannah Birch, University of Edinbiurgh

BCET Summer Scholarship 2018; winner of the BCET prize 2018

Effect of Anoplocephala perfoliata derived toxins on the epithelial integrity and intestinal pathology of infected horses

Alice Tilley, University of Bristol

BCET Summer Scholarship 2018

ESBL-producing E coli in hospitalised horses

Emma Winward, University of Liverpool

BCET Summer Scholarship 2018

Mosquite-borne Arboviruses: protecting UK Horses

Isabelle Goodey, University of Liverpool

BCET Veterinary Summer Scholarship 2017; Winner of the Wiley Equine Veterinary Journal Prize 2017

Evaluation of a novel device for functional respiratory assessment in horses

Lucy Sheard, University of Bristol

BCET Veterinary Summer Scholarship 2017

Speckle tracking echocardiography

Fred Benham-Crosswell, Cambridge University

BCET Veterinary Summer Scholarship 2017, Winner of the BCET prize 2017