NEW FOR 2024 – Beaufort Cottage Farrier Travel Scholarship

Beaufort Cottage Educational Trust in conjunction with Simon Curtis would like to offer newly graduated, UK based farriers a unique opportunity to spend 4-6 weeks with Aaron Gygax in Brittnau, Switzerland.

This large progressive specialist farriery also works closely with the neighbouring equine clinic. The successful candidate will gain invaluable experience in all aspects of remedial farriery in both TB and Sport-horses. We envisage this to be an excellent opportunity for farriers intending to take apprentice examinations and priority will be given to those farriers who have applied to sit these exams, but any farrier with at least two years post graduate experience will be eligible to apply.

The scholarship will cover reasonable travel expenses and a living wage for the 4-6 week placement, accommodation will be provided on site.

Farriers wanting to apply should do so by emailing a copy of their CV, along with a covering letter and a letter of recommendation from a mentor. Applicants will then be invited to an interview either in person or via Zoom before a successful candidate is selected.

All applications and further enquires please contact the Beaufort Cottage Educational Trust

Application deadline 15 August 2024.


UK Veterinary Summer Studentships 

We encourage vet students from British Veterinary Schools to apply via the UK Veterinary Summer Scholarship Programme. For more information: please contact Professor Mandy Peffers (

The deadline for applications is 7 March 2024.

Please note: applications from researchers or clinicians intending to supervise a project involving educational opportunities for young people interested in a career in the equine industry may wish to consider applying under the BCET Educational Project Awards (see below).


BCET Clinical Scholar Awards
We encourage early career veterinary graduates, particularly those in internships and residency programmes in UK practices and teaching hospitals to apply via the BCET Clinical Scholar Awards for funding of small research projects leading to a publication which will help to fulfil their programmes credentials requirements. Research projects should be well designed with clear study aims and methods with details given of appropriate sample size, validation of assessment tools and outcome measures. The budget should be carefully justified with a maximum of £5,000 available.

The deadline for applications is 7 March 2024. More details of how to apply can be found here: BCET clinical research applications


BCET Educational Project Awards
BCET welcomes applications for Equine Educational Projects Awards at any time but prefer to receive these in late February/early March. These awards are intended to support any project which will provide educational opportunities for young people interested in a career in the equine industry. The awards are flexible: for example they might be used for a study trip to allow an individual learn new skills relevant to a career in the equine industry, support an individual or group activity with an educational aim or could be used to purchase equipment (including software) that will be used for research and teaching. More information on support and applications can be found here: BCET educational project applications

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a proposal for an educational project award: 


BCET Meeting Support
BCET is prepared to provide sponsorship for meetings and educational events. These events may be orientated at vets but we would particularly welcome proposals which extend education to farriers and others working with horses professionally. We will consider proposals at any time in late February/early March. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a proposal for meeting support: 

Additional Information on Meeting Support

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