Equine probiotics – A pro or con for horse health?

We are really excited to announce that Dr. Jamie Kopper from Washington State University is speaking at the next Newmarket Equine Medical Discussion Group Meeting on the controversial topic of probiotics. Jamie is an internal medicine specialist and expert on the equine faecal microbiome.

Probiotics are marketed as to improve gastrointestinal health in horses and are becoming increasingly popular among horse owners. Despite their popularity, what do we really know about these products? With little to no regulatory oversight these products may not be what meets the eye on the label. During this hour we will discuss the results of independent research regarding the contents or commercially available probiotics, the ability of the micro-organisms to survive transit to the cecum and/or colon, review available clinical trialsĀ  and discuss some additional potential pitfalls with these products. Finally, in lieu of standardized industry testing, we will talk about ways to spot a product that may be more likely to help your equine patients.

About Newmarket Equine Medical Discussion Group:

These meetings are free to attend; the target audience is clinicians and academics and we aim to ensure a high level of discussion. It is not our intention to provide CPD but rather to offer an opportunity to discuss recent and ongoing research and future concepts relevant to equine medical practice. There is no registration process – just come along, enjoy a glass of wine and take part in the discussion.

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