Sponsored by the Gerald Leigh Trust

This unique course, held on the 6th June 2019 at Rossdales Equine Hospital, was designed to create an opportunity for delegates to reflect on specific aspects of musculoskeletal imaging in detail. It was aimed at equine practitioners who have both experience and specific interests in diagnostic imaging for lameness in sports horses and/or racehorses. Our headline speakers are internationally recognised as leaders in this field and they were tasked with giving presentations which will go beyond techniques and image interpretation and drill into the role of diagnostic imaging in the management of the equine athlete. In order to fully explore each topic, the programme was planned with lots of time allocated to discussion.


Debbie Spike-Pierce, Rood and Riddle, Lexington, Kentucky

Sue Dyson, Animal Health Trust, Newmarket

Marianna Biggi, VetCT Equine, Cambridge

Pete Ramzan, Rossdales Equine Practice, Newmarket

Tom O’Keeffe, Rossdales Equine Practice, Newmarket

Mariana Castro Martins, Rossdales Diagnostic Centre

Billy Fehin, Rossdales Equine Practice, Newmarket

Sarah Boys-Smith, Rossdales Diagnostic Centre


Radiographic findings in Juvenile Orthopaedic Disease

Debbie Spike Pierce

Rood and Riddle, Lexington, Kentucky

Soft tissue injuries of the foot: are there red flags on plain radiography?

Marianna Biggi

VetCT Equine, Cambridge

Has advanced imaging changed the clinical management of proximal suspensory desmitis?

Sue Dyson

Animal Health Trust, Newmarket

Imaging and clinical management of suspensory branch injury in racing Thoroughbreds

Pete Ramzan

Rossdales Equine Practice, Newmarket

Third phalangeal cysts in the Thoroughbred Racehorse

Tom O'Keeffe

Rossdales Equine Practice, Newmarket

Imaging the neck and back

Mariana Castro Martins

Rossdales Diagnostic Centre

Fractured ribs: diagnosis and prognosis

Billy Fehin

Rossdales Equine Practice, Newmarket

Pelvic ultrasonography

Sarah Boys-Smith

Rossdales Diagnostic Centre

Sub-clinical imaging findings in the elite sport horse: how do we determine relevance?

Sue Dyson

Animal Health Trust, Newmarket